word of the year.

last year i painfully decided to take a break from our personal family blog, fordOlogy, to take a much needed journey of mindfulness, intentionality and joy.

as i said goodbye to my beloved online journal of all the things that had happened in our lives over 8 years, i composed my final blog post which shed a little light on the journey we would be taking. (you can read that post here) part of that post included our words for 2018.

a common new year practice is to choose a word that you’ll dedicate your focus, energy, actions and emotions to in the upcoming year.

did you choose a word for this year?

back in late 2017, as i began to plan for 2018, i knew that i needed to choose more than one word to really focus on the lifestyle change i was making.

some of the words for 2018 i chose were: intentional, simple, essential, present, joy and less.

these words describe perfectly the focus on intentional living with a purpose to find joy in the simplicity and essentials of life.

i am overcome with gratitude looking back at these words i chose as i jumped head first into a new way of life, and am grateful for their deep connection to who i am and how my family lives today.

this year i knew i wasn’t going to be able to chose just one word to adopt, so i’ve decided to pick one word, each month of 2019. that’s 12 words that i’ll intentionally focus on and apply to the next 365 days. how exciting right?

my first word of the year for 2019 is:

in 2019 i am going to allow;












-come and go

-surprise me



the word allow came to me as i thought about my need to always be in control of my time, relationships, business and faith. i’m constantly overthinking or over investing in specifics and although i claim and can be a “go with the flow” personality, i actually prefer to have things organized, planned and understood.

does this sound like you?

this year i will allow myself to let go of that control and actually allow life, circumstances, connection and spirituality to guide me.

by allowing myself to be more open to things in my life, i know that i’ll be able to find a balance that leaves me feeling comfortable even if it’s something beyond my control.

balance is another great word (one that might actually show up later in the year) and it’s so important for each of us to be able to find the happy place between all things in and out of our control.

balance allows room for peace, patience and growth and each of these attributes should be something we all strive for in this new year.

i hope you’ll incorporate “allow” into your new year resolutions in whatever form that may be. maybe you’ll allow more time for yourself. maybe you’ll allow more time for god. maybe you’ll allow more time for travel or business opportunities.

maybe simply you’ll allow yourself to let go this year.

whatever you choose, know that by allowing yourself to do something different, unfamiliar, or even hard, you’ll grow, be strengthened and even be a light to others.

what is something you need to allow in your life this year?

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