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With all that's going on in the world, now more than ever, you're ready to recommit to living your happiest life. I would be honored to partner with you on your journey to rediscovering, rejuvenating, recharging, and redefining your most intimate relationships to create a life full of joy.


Not sure you’re ready or if coaching is for you?

Keep reading to better understand what Connection Coaching can do for you! 

Have you ever asked yourself, 

“What is a life a coach?” or “How do I know if I need a life coach?”

Well, if you have, you’re not alone. Some of the world’s most successful, influential, and happy people have used a life coach.

Bill Gates said, “Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Oprah said, “Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter that tells you you’re not good enough.”

Choosing a life coach is a major life decision and you may have wondered if there is a coach that could help you with your situation.

Let me answer some questions below that will help you identify if you need a coach.

What is coaching? 

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and get results by focusing on the here and now. Coaching is NOT THERAPY. Coaching focuses time and energy in the present, acknowledges the past, and strives to give clients a better future.

Coaches are facilitators of learning that guide and support clients to strengthen their inner abilities, silence the negativity and distractions, and rediscover their natural instincts, intuition, and deepest desires to take control of their lives.

Coaches aim to help you learn principles and practices, improve goal setting and keeping skills, as well as develop and commit to life-changing habits.

How is Connection Coaching different? 

You know what a sports coach does: they help a team identify a goal, then they develop a plan for that team to reach that goal, and finally they offer continued support and accountability until the team reaches success. 

The same holds true for Connection Coaching. A Connection Coach helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and setbacks. A connection coach then assists in developing a personalized and strategic plan to help overcome the obstacles interfering and influencing your most intimate relationships. Finally, a connection coach supports and holds you accountable to meet your goals and find success in creating healthier relationships to live a more joyful life. 

Why do you need a Connection Coach? 

Did you know that many people sabotage their own happiness and don’t even know it?  We oftentimes take two steps forward and four steps back; identifying our needs but waiting for someone else to meet them, recognizing our passions then comparing ourselves to someone else, or being physically present but constantly rehashing past mistakes or trials in our minds.

If you’re feeling stuck, letting fear hold you back, have self-destructive thoughts and habits, or have a desire to transform limiting relationships, a connection coach can help you break old patterns, set boundaries, overcome distractions, and shift your perspective so that your focus is on the tools and principles that will help you have a happier life.

Having the mindset and support to cultivate your connection and strengthen the relationships with yourself, your higher power, your spouse, your children, your extended family, or your community, can help you transform and propel you forward to a life of less surviving and more thriving!

Who is the right Connection Coach for you? 

If you’ve made it this far, I hope your answer to this question is Me! 

Through my studies at BYU-Idaho I have learned the ins and outs of human relations, the theories and philosophies that explain human nature and desires, as well as the tools needed to help advocate for happier families in our society. During my studies, I decided to become a cetrified life coach so that I could use the skills I was learning to help women now! 

As a Certified Life and Happiness Coach, I created the niche of Connection Coaching as a way to make clear my focus and teaching on the need and power of human connection to live a happier life. 

I have a passion for helping women rediscover their divine purpose and innate ability to create a life full of joy. 

My coaching program teaches women to Get Focused, Get Clear, and Get Going on creating healthier relationships. Through key principles, my program helps women let go of limiting beliefs, set goals and expectations, overcome overwhelm, put-off procrastination, and create sustainable momentum for greater connection and the power to embrace your chaotic but beautiful life. 

As a connection coach, my role is to listen and learn, empower and inspire, teach, support, and encourage you to use the gifts, talents, and power you already have within you to reach your goals to have better connections with the people who matter most. 

Wether you desire to rediscover a connection with yourself, rejuvenate the connection in your marriage, recharge the connection with your children, or redefine your connection in your community, my coaching program gives you all the tools and principles you need to reestablish foundations and recommit to living your most joyful life. 

Ready to Get Focused? Get Clear? Then Let's Get Going!

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