about kyla.

california girl born and raised, kyla ford is today a wife and mother of three. raising her family in provo, utah but with that west coast blood still running strong in her veins, she is a writer, creator, joyful expert, aspiring public speaker and cheerleader to living an intentional and joyful life.

her whole-hearted genuine posts sharing her journey through loss and healing, has led to a greater love for helping others heal and find joy in the everyday commotions that life brings.

kyla has contributed to several lifestyle blogs and collaborated with many brands over the past eight years.

ok, ok… now let me tell you who i really am.

i am just your typical, dr. pepper drinking, chick-fil-a eating, target isle-wandering woman.

i love to travel and wish everyone had the opportunities i’ve had to travel and explore this big, beautiful, amazing world we live in.

i love meeting new people. i love getting to know someone and listening to what has made them who they are. i think every single person on this earth is special and is here for a reason, including helping others learn and grow.

i love being a mom. it’s a crap load (literally, i have a kid in diapers) of exhausting, sleepless nights work, but the reward is greater than any love and joy i have ever felt. i love sharing about my kids and all the goods and bad we experience together as we grow as a family.

i love being a wife. i love it so much, i’ve done it twice. the first time was a practice run, which taught me more in 17 months than i had learned in 18 years, but this time has been the most incredible time of my life. my husband is my best friend. my biggest cheerleader and the kindest, sexiest man that i’ve ever met.

i’m grateful for this platform that i have to share my life with you. i’m grateful for the opportunity i have to share what i’ve learned over the last 31 years in hopes that i can inspire and uplift anyone else who is in need of a safe place in the commotions of life.