What Lack I Yet?

I did it! This week, on my 33rd Birthday, I completed my first semester of BYUI.

The courses I took included life-changing curriculums that support my passion for helping others live a more joyful life. I studied Child Development, Parenting, and Marriage Skills, each that taught me new principles and applications for understanding, building, and strengthening relationships.

One theme throughout the semester that stood out to me was the idea that all of us need to get in the habit of asking “What Lack I Yet? ” or “Lord is it I?” as we work on strengthening and improving our relationships.

President Harold B. Lee taught, “Every one of us, if we would reach perfection (or FEEL MORE JOY), must [at] one time ask ourselves this question, ‘What lack I yet?’

This idea was supported in Alfie Kohn’s practice of Unconditional Parenting as he taught “Good parenting is more a function of listening than it is explaining”. I saw it again in The Arbinger Institutes’ book The Anatomy of Peace when I learned that in order to have the greatest influence in the lives of the people who matter most to us, we must have a heart at peace that allows us to see them as people and not objects. This semester I learned that everyone has deep core needs that influence emotions and behaviors and when we understand those needs in ourselves and others, we are better prepared to practice more patience in all our relationships, specifically in marriage. I also made several connections throughout my studies of child temperament, brain development, emotional and physical changes that caused me to ask “Lord, is it I?” as I reflected on my relationships with my children and their individual needs.

Cultivating happier and healthier relationships begins from within. It starts as we reflect on our personal shortcomings and then seek the Savior’s guidance to become “even as He is” (3 Nephi 27:21).

As we seek to emulate the Savior’s attributes of love, care, concern, compassion, forgiveness, and charity, we will be strengthened with the power to edify and build up our relationships and feel more joy in this life.

Did you hear the good news?

A Joyful Commotion is launching its first extension brand, Cultivate Connection, a PODCAST for women seeking to discover more meaningful ways to develop healthier relationships for a happier life.

Launching in January 20201, Cultivate Connection will take the discussions from our website and Instagram communities to an additional platform for more insights, inspiration, and interviews that will encourage and empower women everywhere to feel more joy!

In one of our first episodes, we’ll be digging more into the conversation about the topic “What Lack I Yet” and how asking “Lord is it I?” helps strengthen and build relationships!

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