thoughtful thursday: word of the week.

recently i joined a toastmasters group here in utah.

toastmasters is an international organization that operates clubs across the entire world for the purpose of promoting communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

each week, during our opening exercises, we have someone give a word of the day. the words are completely random and after we learn about the new word, we are encouraged to use it in our speeches during our club that day.

i love how my club has introduced me to many new words to help expand my vocabulary for public speaking.

i loved the idea of a word of the day so much that i decided i was going to try and implement the idea into my life. i decided to start a habit of; word of the week.

each week i choose a word and through out the week i try to apply, recognize, share and develop that word in my life.

the words i choose are a little less random than word of the day, and are words that are supportive of positive thinking.

i write down the word and put it on my mirror, my fridge and my steering wheel.

all week i stare at the word. i think about it when i’m getting ready in the morning, while i’m in my kitchen throughout the day and any time i hop in the car (which is a lot when you’re running small humans around all day).

this week i chose the word, deliberate.

deliberate is defined as: done consciously and intentionally. 

you’ve heard me use the word intentional probably 100 times on this website and on my instagram because of its role in mindfulness and i was thrilled to find another connection in deliberate.

i think before this week, deliberate always came across so serious to me.

i picture in my mind mufasa scolding young simba in disney’s the lion king, when he scorns “you deliberately disobeyed me” after taking nala to a dangerous place.

as i’ve tried to live my life more intentionally this year, i have come to know the word deliberate in its mindful meaning.

i have deliberately encouraged my children to set out pjs every morning for bath time to eliminate the nonsense bed time melt downs at the end of the day.

i have deliberately put the markers in a higher cupboard after henry discovered endless walls of canvas around the house.

i have deliberately made a meal plan and corresponding grocery list before heading to the grocery store to cut back on over spending and mindless basket filling buys.

it’s funny how a word of the week becomes more recognizable in conversations and things i’m reading once i begin to pay attention to it. it’s like the new you buy and then suddenly everyone in the whole city has the same car.

having a word of the week has been a great practice for joyful living. unlike toastmasters expanding vocabulary, im choosing words that will remind, inspire and encourage a more mindful and joyful week.

i’ve got words such as, happy, grateful, service, love, create, fulfulment, authentic, positive, spiritual, connection, strength, optimism and purpose on my list of upcoming words of the week and i cannot wait to see how a habit of developing and expanding my knowledge and practice of the word continues to bring more joy into my life.

i challenge you to choose a word of the week and commit it into your thoughts, words and actions.

share which word you’ll choose in the comments below and i’d love to hear how it goes.

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