about this blog.

welcome to a joyful commotion.

i’ve created this space to build a community for you to be inspired, educated, encouraged and entertained.

after 8 years of blogging and sharing our happenings with the world, our little corner of the internet felt like it had a bigger purpose. at the beginning of 2018, i began to re-brand our little family lifestyle blog into a platform of hope, help and healing for intentional daily joy.

at a joyful commotion our main goal is to be your biggest cheerleader in life. we want you to know that you’re allowed and deserving a life filled with joy, no matter your circumstance.

we want to give you the tools to be able to keep that joy even in the commotions of life. maybe thats helping you find encouragement in parenting, support in marriage, a shoulder to cry on after a trial, or just a place to come and be uplifted.

in 2010, our blog started with just my husband kevin and i figuring out life as newlyweds. now, our family has grown by three and we’re joined by our three mostly adorable, sometimes highly irrational small children; hunter, hayden and henry. we’re raising our tribe in provo, utah and loving every minute of the life we’re mindfully, intentionally and joyfully creating.

i want this blog to feel like home and to do that i know it has to mirror the lives of the people who read it. so, in order to make this a place you feel like you can kick off your shoes and sprawl across the couch with, i’ll be sharing a blend of topics like, faith, family, marriage, parenting, travel, books, recipes, intentional living, creating, self care and more.

here i’ll share stories of my own life, love, loss and healing as well as stories from people just like you.

one thing life has taught me is that everyone has a story to tell, and that their story almost always resonates with someone who has faced a similar experience.

i’ve learned that we can learn and grow from each other and that we can heal together.

imagine a world where we are all supporting, loving, uplifting and rooting for each other.

i hope this will be the place that world starts. with you and me, my family and yours. growing, healing, being better and more joyful together.